Saturday, May 05, 2012

Derek and Carla

The Groom and his Dad

Having the wedding at the Minneapolis Zoo was a stroke of genius! The ceremony was beautiful, and the lemurs only howled once! The celebrant warned us at the outset that this is the lemurs' home, and they are in charge of what happens, and when.

 The vows of the bride and groom were especially touching - I would love a copy of Derek's vows. They both did an outstanding job.

My wedding mobile - a great way to get around the Zoo.

Tom and Dylan in their wedding finery...but they brought a change of clothes for the reception!

Shelly and the Small Ones

Our table - Tom, Jana and I with our new friend Heather.

A table for Lue's kids - Barb and Jim. John and Sharon

OK, It's Party Time!

Tom. Dylan, Laurie, Shelly, Chris Rocking the Dance Floor

Derek and Carla's wedding was a great family event for us. We usually only see each other twice a year - this year it will be three times! Thank you Derek and Carla!

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