Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy DylanDay

We had  very quiet celebration for Dylan's birthday.  He got many, many nice gifts - especially the picture book that Laurie put together, using photos from their trip last May.  It's a beautiful book - she chose the glossy pages from MyPublisher, and it turned out wonderfully well.

We had Steiger grundy for dinner, and a great ice cream cake for dessert.  Of course we sang and had what Dylan called "the candle ceremony".


Mitchy said...
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Mitchy said...

What's Steiger Grundy? :)

And belated Happy Birthday to Dylan!

NJKS said...

Hi Mitchy!

Steiger Grundy is our version of something like goulash. Macaroni, ground beef, cheese, and salsa or veggie soup all mixed together and baked. Yum :)

Merry Christmas

Mitchy said...

Oooh sounds delicious! And it sounds like you're having a great Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all! *hugs*