Sunday, January 20, 2013


Since it's Sunday, Obama's inauguration was very low key today - the hullaballoo will be tomorrow.  Coincidentally, it will be Martin Luther King Day, which seems super appropriate to me.

Laurie, Chip and Dick went back over to Cacheapalooza today - it's not raining, and there were many things that they wanted to do.  Dylan is still not feeling well, so he stayed home, and I stayed with him.

Our guys got back around 3:30, and Dick and I came home to rest.

Dick  and Laurie found these:

      CP7 Flash Mob      Florida      Visit Log
         01/20/2013     Ranger Rick's Band of Seven: Critter #7     
         01/20/2013     Timelords      Florida     
         01/20/2013     Even Burns Me Anagram      Florida     
         01/20/2013     Ranger Rick's Band of Seven Passport Stash

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