Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK Day, Inauguration Celebration, and More Caching Than You Can Shake a Stick At

Happy Martin Luther King Day!  Happy Inauguration Day!

I was feeling a little out of sorts today, so I stayed home and watched all of the Inaugural coverage while Dick went caching with the Gillespies.

Dick's logs:
Found it 01/22/2013 You found Bridge to Nowhere Visit Log
I noticed that the CO checked and replaced this cache immediately after I posted a DNF. That is commendable maintenance. I put it near the top of my list and came down today with Sharkie Crew to show her the area and find some caches she hadn't seen before. Thanks for the cache and for demonstrating how responsible cache ownership is preformed.
Found it 01/21/2013 You found Colossus of Rhodes Visit Log
Last of the group to find this one. I was tied up logging the previous find on the iPad. I'm getting better but I don't think I'll ever be able to walk, talk, and log all at the same time. I think that maybe I should just take notes and log the find when I get back home.
Found it 01/21/2013 You found "Bond, James Bond" Visit Log
No bug in cache. No pen either. We left a pen and traded sigs. We all enjoyed walking the loop. Had to explain what we were doing to a group of mounted muggles. TFTC
Found it 01/21/2013 You found Poker Run 6 - Four of a Kind Visit Log
First find of the day with Sharkie Crew & Zoroan. We decided to do this short loop. Nice walk on a beautiful day.
Found it 01/21/2013 You found Sterope Visit Log
Damp. Signed for Zoroan, Sharkie Crew, and Basswood Bend
Found it 01/21/2013 You found Lighthouse of Alexandria Visit Log
Who lives here? Zoroan made the find, Sharkie signed for all with a Basswood pen. TFTC
Found it 01/21/2013 You found Junkers Ju 187 Visit Log
Mrs Sharkie spotted it
Found it 01/21/2013 You found Lorrie's Boeing 737 Visit Log
The CO misspelled the name, it's Laurie. Out with the Sharkies, they are both with AA.
Found it 01/21/2013 You found Fisher XP-75 / P-75 Eagle Visit Log
And the rain came down again. On the trail with Zoroan and the Sharkie Crew.
Found it 01/21/2013 You found Douglas C-47 Skytrain / Dakota Visit Log
Wish I'd worn rubber boots. It sure did rain!
Found it 01/21/2013 You found Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Visit Log
A nice overcast day. Mr Sharkie made the find

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