Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Transarterial Chemo Embolization (TACE)

Transarterial chemo embolization therapy involves administration of chemotherapy directly to the liver tumor via a catheter. With this technique, the chemotherapy targets the tumor while sparing the patient many side effects of traditional chemotherapy that is given to the whole body.
Following chemotherapy, your physician will embolize (cut off) the blood supply to the tumors. In this manner, the tumor is treated using two different techniques. If necessary, TACE can be performed multiple times to achieve the desired response in the tumor.
Chemoembolization animation © 2009.  Created by Joseph Sampson, graduate student in Dept. of Art as Applied to Medicine, in collaboration with Division of Interventional Radiology, Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Ruch called this morning with the results of his conference yesterday with the U of M liver cancer clinic team.  TACE, which is explained above, is evidently the preferred treatment for my tumor.  Now I'm waiting for phone calls to set up appointments for an MRI, a radiologist (Dr. Picotte), the TACE procedure, and another with Dr. Ruch.

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