Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Blue Skies

This morning we cleaned house to get ready for Marshal. Dick cleaned out the refrigerator very, very thoroughly - it's great!
Then we both had a very small nap, and went into town for errands.
Stopped by the Agency to pick up some papers and went to the Library.
When we're in town we often like to go to McDonald's for coffee and iced tea - so we did that.
On a beautiful day like this we enjoy driving along Grandview Parkway looking at the boats on the bay, the beaches, beach volleyball, into the marina to see what's up, and then driving all the way down Front St. to see the tourists and all the activity.
Life is Good.

Then we were off to get sweet corn and tomatoes at the Pine Brook Farm, and then to Glen's to get groceries so I can pack them a lunch for tomorrow in the canoe.

After we got home, I helped Dick load the canoe on top of the car for his trip tomorrow.
A most pleasant day.