Monday, August 30, 2004

Infusion Day

Went to the infusion clinic this morning at 8:30 for an infusion of Iron Dextran. The good news is that I was finished by 11:30.
For two hours of the infusion, I shared a room with a man who talked non-stop. Literally. He was there getting antibiotic therapy. I know everything about him, his wife, his property, boats, surgeries, injuries, and just everything. I saw a picture of his house, and I know where he lives. He literally talked non-stop. I've never seen (heard?) anything like it.
He'd Talk The Ears Off A Moose.
Dick had a Dr. appointment at 9:30 and then went to work at the Agency, where he got very busy. And still this evening, he's sitting at the computer trying to figure out this client's Medicare Drug Card dilemma.

Pill Bottle
Marsh Wied is coming to stay with us Wed. and Thurs., so tomorrow I'll be getting ready for the visit. I think he and Dick are going to go canoeing on the Manistee River if the weather cooperates.

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