Friday, September 03, 2004

Goodbye Marsh, Bye Bye Dick

Marsh decided to stay another night, and he left at 9:30 this morning after a good visit over breakfast. Dick left around 10:30 to go down to Snider's for the football game tomorrow.
Go Michigan!
Michigan plays Miami of Ohio at noon Saturday. John and Sue Lichtenberg are going to meet him at the stadium, and Bill Snider is using my ticket. I am extremely happy to be home for the weekend - I'm hoping to feel back to normal by Sunday.

Today was Social Security check day for Mother, so I took her to the bank, the Library, and the pharmacy. That was my good deed for the day.

So now I'm just catching up on laundry, eating leftovers, and enjoying my solitude. A little solitude is good for the soul.

Talked to Laurie, and they are super ready for Hurricane Frances. She and Dylan got caught in a squall while they were out bike riding, but she said it was fun - cooled them off a bit. All that there is left to do is wait. She seems very calm about it. The calm before the storm!

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