Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hurricane Frances

Went for a blood test this morning. Before the iron infusion my hemoglobin count was 10.1 and now it has shot all the way up to 10.2 . Sad The Doctor says the reason I don't feel so well sometimes is because I'm anemic. Swell.
Marsh, Dick and I went out to breakfast at the Omelette Shoppe East and it was delightful. Then we stopped by the Dennos Museum because Marsh wanted to look into donating some Inuit parkas to their collection. They were very happy to hear about it, and said that the parkas would be great for their education collection - to take to schools, etc. Then we stopped by Democratic Headquarters so Marsh could pick up some yard signs.
In the afternoon, Dick and Marsh went geo-caching and I rested. I talked for 77 min. and 43 seconds to Dylan, who wanted to talk about hurricanes and Everquest. He seems very calm and knowledgeable about hurricanes.
Laurie and Chip have put up all their shutters. There were 99 shutters in all - some windows have 5 or more. They are aluminum, and they are corrugated, so they overlap each other.
They have laid in all the supplies they think they'll need and they really can't do much else. When they double checked the list of Things You'll Need in Case of Hurricane, they realized that they really needed more batteries and some hand sanitizer. So now they have everything on the list. They are prepared to be without power. Dylan said he might have to be hot for a couple of days. I hope it's no more than a couple of days. The hurricane is heading right for them at the moment - I think they'll really take the brunt of it. They're 10 miles or so inland, but with a storm this size, that really doesn't offer much protection. She promised to call tomorrow.

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